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Sue & Linda - May 2020 Volunteer Highlight

Sue and Linda, better known around here as “The Grandmas”, come in every second and fourth Wednesday of the month to help hang and sort clothes. Sue has been volunteering at Resale Depot for eight years, and Linda for six. They are sisters- in-law. Linda is 68, has been married for 52 years, and has two sons and two grandchildren. Sue is 73, has been married for almost 52 years, and has three sons and eight grandchildren. Sue used to work at Hanover-Horton Schools in childcare and as a preschool teacher. Linda was a homemaker most of her life. However, after her kids were all in school, she got a job as a kitchen supervisor at Arbor North for six years.

Sue and Linda both started volunteering here to support Jackson Christian Schools, which owned Resale Depot at the time. Even now that the store has changed ownership, their volunteer hours still fund Jackson Christian Schools, where Sue’s granddaughter attends. Sue likes volunteering here because she doesn’t have any heavy responsibilities, in comparison to working a real job for so long. “It’s mindless work. We can just come in and do our thing, we don’t have to think about it.” Linda says she just likes to get out of the house and do something. “It gives us a day together, and then we get to go to lunch after. Once in a while we find a good outfit too!” Their only complaint is that their boss is a Michigan State fan. “It’s tough to tolerate. We decorate his office every now and then with U of M stuff.”

Despite our different opinions on sports teams, we love our Grandmas. They have been here since the beginning and it wouldn’t be the same here without them. Thank you Sue and Linda for your many years of service with us!


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