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Christina Granger - February 2020 Volunteer Highlight

Christina has been volunteering at Resale Depot for almost two months as a part of a transition to work program through an organization called Paradigm. She works at Michigan Extruded Aluminum, where she injured her wrist, and cannot return to work until it is healed. Paradigm pays her an hourly wage for every hour she volunteers while out of work at an organization of her choice, which we are happy to say is Resale Depot!

Christina is 45 years old and is married with three children and seven grandchildren. She works 40 hours a week here, Monday through Friday, sorting, pricing, and hanging up clothes. “I do whatever they need me to do as long as I can do it one handed. I’m here to be as helpful as I can.”

She tried volunteering at other places, but when she came here and met the staff, she was really impressed. “They are all so friendly and easy to talk to. They are all there for me, they pray for me… I never expected anything like that. They are more like family than just coworkers.” Before working at Michigan Extruded Aluminum, Christina worked in customer service, but she’s always been a bit of a tomboy. In her free time she likes to build cabinets and work on cars. “If I ever went back into customer service, it would be here. This would make it worthwhile to get up and do my hair and makeup.”

Thank you so much Christina for being a part of our family here at Resale Depot. Even if it is just for a short time, we appreciate everything you do.


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