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Partner Highlight: Quiet Place Ministries

We would like to introduce you to one of our partner ministries, Quiet Place Ministries. Quiet Place Ministries is a nonprofit organization that provides retreats for individuals, married couples, and families serving in Christian ministry. At no charge, pastors, missionaries, and others can enjoy a time of renewal, relaxation, and refreshment. Their goal is to help strengthen those in ministry in their walk with the Lord, their marriages, and their families. They aim to encourage good spiritual health, prevent burnout, and encourage people to continue serving the Lord in ministry. Their retreats are typically five to seven nights long but can range from three nights to two weeks long. They currently use existing retreat centers and personal vacation homes for their retreats, but they hope to build their own retreat center on a 4.85 acre plot of land they own in Jerome, MI. Quiet Place Ministries was founded 20 years ago by Brian and Theresa Hendrick (pictured above). Brian and Theresa have both been volunteering at Resale Depot since the store first opened up. They had children who attended Jackson Christian School, which owned Resale Depot at the time. Resale Depot decided to partner with them, and now donates a certain percentage of their profits to Quiet Place Ministries based on the number of volunteer hours that they–or any volunteer who chooses to represent them–serves at Resale Depot.

We are so honored to partner with Quiet Place Ministries to encouraged people and families that serve Jesus Christ in ministry.


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