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Our Mission


"Utilizing excellence in resale to fund avenues where people can find and fall in love with Jesus."



The story of today’s Resale Depot is the story of two organizations. 

Resale Depot was founded in 2007 as Encore – The Resale and More Store to help fund the ministries of Jackson Christian School. In 2010, the store changed hands and was renamed Resale Depot. At this time the proceeds from the store began funding a broader spectrum of ministries and non-profit organizations. 


In 2015, Resale Depot was gifted to The Wesleyan Church, who entrusts Rivertree Community Church to operate the store.

Rivertree Community Church is a Wesleyan church that launched in 2008 intent on connecting with the un-churched and de-churched of Jackson County. After many years at the Jackson YMCA, Rivertree moved to its current facility at 3113 Lansing Ave. They exist to become people who Love Recklessly, Live Passionately, and Serve Selflessly.

Rivertree oversees the day-to-day operations and the distribution of the funds raised by Resale Depot to local non-profit partners, including Jackson Christian School, Rise Above, Quiet Place Ministries, Lazy B’s Ranch, and Freedom Point church planting network.

Our Story
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